Concert Saturday 7th July at 6 pm ♫


The female vocal group Amabile is composed of nine singers. 
Nine voices of women who share the same artistic requirement and the joy of interpreting vocal music. 

Their repertoire extends from Monteverdi to Poulenc. 

Singers :
• Soprani : Chrystelle Maka-Leray, Jeanne Mazille, Béatrice Raffi Peyloz
• Mezzo-Soprani : Mijo Llobet, Françoise Mathieu, Corinne Meuvret
• Alti : Emmanuelle Cadas, Simone Favre, Geneviève Huneau

Menu concert :
- 29€ : Main course and Dessert with 1 glass of wine and 1/2 mineral water
- 42€ : Starter, Main course, Dessert with 2 glasses of wine, 1/2 mineral water and coffee

Special Concert Package 199€ including the night, the access to the concert, the dinner in our restaurant and breakfast 

29,00 €