Accordion Master Class with world champion Roman Jbanov
Accordion Master Class with Roman Jbanov 6-8 March

Accordion Master Class with Roman Jbanov

Accordion training with Roman Jbanov 6-7-8 Marche 2020
•For musicians of all level
•Rate for the training 180 € for 3 days lessons (individual and collective)
•Rate with accomodation in the Chateau de Coudree hotel:
special rate for musicians 80€/ night single occupancy including breakfast. Extra charge for double occupancy: +15€/ day
Meals can be taken together with students or individually (extra charge)

•Masterclass program:
2 lessons individual /collective per day with training sessions according to the level of each student.
The teaching of Roman Jbanov is based on the body balance, the imagination and the technics of the bellow.
The goal is to develop your expression skills and your pleasure while playing by analysing the dynamics of the music piece.
The themes are: work around the sound, the touch, the coordination of the body dynamic with the bellow moves.