Bistrot Lunch Menu and Menu du Mois

Recipes made with Fresh ingredients “Menu Bistrot"

Salad or Daily suggestion, Main course (choice) and Dessert

With one Homemade Aperitif or one  Glass of Wine

(only for the lunch time, not available on Week ends and on Holidays) THe menu changes every week.

29 €

Menu du Mois is composed with gastronomic dishes, proposed by our Cheffe. 

Two choices for the main dish, two choices for main course and the Dessert. The menu is defined each month by our Cheffe.

François 1 er Menu

Choose dishes you would like in the Menu

François Ier
Appetizer, Starter, Main Course, Dessert

59 €

Appetizer, Starter, 2 Main Course, Dessert

69 €

Degustation Menu

An 8-Courses Menu according to the Chef’s inspiration

Appetizer, 2 Starters, 2 Main Courses,

Cheese Assortment, Pre-dessert & Dessert​

88 €


Home-made Duck Foie Gras from the Southwest of France, Chutney, hypocras wine jelly 21 €  
Apsaragus and Pike dumpling, bean, watercress sauce 23 €
Vegetable Bass tartare, lemon from Nice, mesclun and vegetable chips 20 €  
Seasonnal vegetable and Tempeh, sorrel cream 18 €  

Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes

Vegetables cooked in casseroles, sesame cereals and seeds 29 €  
Nettle risotto, vegetables and soy protein with fine herbs 29 €  

Fishes & Shellfishes

Royal sea bream,black rice, Taggia olives vinaigrette, Tomatoes and Basil 29 €  
Duo from the lake : "Féra" or Char (depending on arrivals), Scallop, cereal and seasonnal vegetable 31 €
Roast langoustines served on a risotto, asparagus and mushrooms 32 €  


Kidney of Veal, mustard sauce, Vegetables, polenta and candied cabbage 30 €  
Beef Filet, Potatoes with shallots and mushrooms, Green Pepper sauce  
Saddle of lamb, radish and artichoke, cereals 32 €  


9 €

Selected from our Regions : Noyer Farm in Saint Paul, Grillet Aubert in Saint Paul, Gallay in Chèvenoz
4 pieces: 9€ - 6 pieces: 12€


14 €

Selections of Homemade Ice-creams and sorbets  
Ocoa Dark Chocolate Cube, Timut Pepper Mango Minestrone, Passion Fruit sorbet
Meringue, Strawberry and Rhubarb, white Chocolate- caramel ice cream  
Pear Pie with Four Spices, "Blanc manger" with Almond, Blood Orange sorbet  
Soufflé flavoured with Génépi, Granny Smith apple, Blueberry sorbet